Do you shoot film or digital?


I shoot digitally for all clients. Occasionally I will bring along my film camera for a few shots at a session. 


How would you describe your style?


My shooting style is very relaxed, natural, and fun. I'm all about capturing your dynamic and real emotion so I will not have you in a lot of posed looking-at-the-camera shots. I use natural light as much as possible and will only use a flash for a few dynamic shots at sunset and for after dark reception coverage.  My editing style is modern and creative with warm, rich tones and a hint of "dark and moody". 


What does a portrait session with you look like?


It looks like us meeting up at an epic location, sharing lots of laughs, and taking awesome photos. And also me often doing something ridiculous to "get the shot".  I love gorgeous, natural lighting and beautiful backgrounds so I always put you in places where we will get that. I also love genuine emotion and letting you be you and will prompt you to do things that will bring that out. I know that having photos taken can be nerve racking so I always make sure to give you lots of tips, feedback, and direction before and during the session so that you never feel like you don't know what to do. But really all I want you to do is to have fun, be in love, and enjoy each other. 


What times of the day do you shoot at and why?


I shoot most sessions at either sunrise or before sunset. These times offer a mixture of soft, even lighting and beautiful golden backlighting which are the types of lighting conditions I need for my style. However, depending on the location, I will shoot sessions at other times such as mid morning.


What's your bad weather and cancellation policy?


You may cancel at anytime although keep in mind that your retainer is non-refundable. If you need to re-schedule your portrait session your retainer can be applied to a new date as long as I am available. 

Maui is unique in that it's usually always sunny and nice somewhere on the island. If it looks like it might rain at our chosen location we can always move to a different part of the island. On the rare occasion that we are experiencing very stormy weather island wide, and it is not safe for you and my camera equipment, we can re-schedule your portrait session. If re-scheduling is not an option I will refund your retainer. *Please note that Maui is often windy and I do not reschedule due to wind*